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Kingrun  215 / 60 R 17

Tyre Size


Load Rating

96 (710 Kg)

Speed Rating

H (210 Klms/H)

Brand Name / Pattern

Kingrun K4000

Tyre Price


Tyre Description

 The 215/60R17 Kingrun K4000 has an exceptional traction and control ability and is able to handle rough terrain and conditions with ease. The symmetrical pattern of this tyre means it has the ability to tackle the road from either direction as well as the added benefit of being able to be rotated as required. The varying groove directions and sizes allows of quick water dispersion as well as reducing the level of noise, making this tyre an all-rounder for you and your family. Contact ETyreStore today for more information. For more information on Kingrun Tyres visit – 
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